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Summer Hair Dos and Don’ts

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 6:21 PM

Summer Hair Dos and Don’ts

Looking to inspire your clients to visit your chair more often this summer? Try these tips to keep them coming back for more pro hair help!

  1. Do: Highlight, highlight, highlight. 'Tis the season for blondes! Take your clients to lighter levels with sun-kissed streaks in beautiful buttery tones. Make sure to pre-book them for their touchups every four-five weeks so hair stays picture perfect during the summer wedding and graduation season.
  2. Don't: Allow them to get stuck in a rut. Are your female clients requesting the same long, layered style every eight weeks? Suggest an angled bob or cropping the hair to chin length. For clients who are more gunshy, give them bangs.
  3. Do: Retail new lines: Many manufacturers have lines to protect hair from sun damage. This is the time of year to promote them to your beach-loving clients.
  4. Don't: Forget skin care! Sunburns and overtanning are a hazard in the summer-make sure your clients are prepared! Keep a few bottles of your favorite skin care products (including a great sunscreen) at your station to recommend to clients.
  5. Do: Wear the latest trend. You are the best advertisement for a new look. Update your cut and color to reflect the season and watch clients follow your lead.

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