FORMULA HOW-TO: Macaw-Inspired Rainbow Color

Lauren Quick | April 26, 2014 | 7:42 PM
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Pravana blue before (left) and macaw-inspired rainbow after (right)
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Remember that blue, lavender and mint Pravana faux-hawk we shared with you? Well it has a new look now, but it's not any less bold!

Stylist Kelly Anne Churnside of Salon Cielo in Covina, CA, and her adventurous client Harley were inspired by the vibrancy and rainbow-like colors of the scarlet macaw parrot--arguably the most-recognized variety of macaw.



STEP 1: Using Matrix Light Master lightener and 30 volume developer, do a light lifting wash at the shampoo bowl to remove as much of the previous colors as possible. Shampoo and towel dry.

STEP 2: Section out a horseshoe at the top of the head and separate from the shaved sides and back.

STEP 3: Using a weaving technique, weave in rotating colors in Joico Color Intensity Red, Joico Color Intensity Orange, Pravana Vivid Yellow, Joico Color Intensity Peacock Green, Pravana Vivid Blue and Pravana Vivid Purple.

STEP 4: Achieve a highly blended color by leaving no hair out from the weave. For each slice of hair that is weaved, the hair left out from that foil goes in a separate foil with a different color and so on. Every piece of hair on top should be in a foil with nothing left out.

STEP 5: For the back and sides, mix equal parts Ion Color Brilliance Aqua and Teal.

STEP 6: Process under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes. Allow hair to cool down before rinsing with cool water.


"For styling, I used Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want it All Leave-In Treatment and Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus focused on the base to create lift," Churnside says. "I used my hands to rough dry the hair going forward and then pieced the hair out with TIGI BedHead Masterpiece Hair Spray."


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