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HOW-TO: Rainbow to Chocolate Brown

Chandler Rollins | April 4, 2014 | 9:43 AM

HOW-TO: Rainbow to Chocolate Brown

"This is my client Heather. She is a free-spirited fun chick who always lets me create fun on her head," says Ashley Hubbard of Save Your Scissors Salon in Bethel, CT. "When we made hair color bright, she was in heaven. She literally skipped out of my salon."

So you can imagine Hubbard's surprise, when Heather broke the news that she would be giving up her bright unicorn hair for a new corporate job (frown face). Immediately, Hubbard's chemist wheels started to turn on how to fill and cover Heather's six-week old rainbow of colors. Her desired result was a warm rich brown.


Hubbard decided to go with Scruples Hypnotic Color, her go to for low lighting, because of its built in filling capability. She then mixed 4ng, 5na and a little 7ng with 10 volume to event out the roots which were a natural 3/4. After Heather was done processing, her fun color was gone, but the warm rich brown was consistently even from roots to ends. The colored hair was erased as well as her darker roots, leaving the hair shiny and healthy.


Hubbard then trimmed Heather's A-line bob, graduating the back a bit more to add an edge. Finally, the hair was blown out using Uniq One’s All in One Treatment and a light reparative shine sparkle mist.


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