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My 2014 ClipperGuy FONT Men’s Haircut Collection

Ivan Zoot | February 17, 2014 | 11:02 AM
Ivan Zoot

Communication in the digital age is about understanding and being understood. Emails, texting, tweeting and online social media all rely on written text. Text on a page lacks emotion. It can be hard to interpret. We use text tools such as bold, italics and underline to help us improve our messages.

Hair can make a statement, too. Be sure your male clients’ hair is sending the right message.

This is my ClipperGuy 2014 Men’s haircut collection, FONT. My collection features three looks, the Bold, the Underline and the Italics.

All three FONT collection shapes share the common design elements of classic blending punctuated with disconnection and some added interior length.

All three cuts in my FONT collection carry late 1980’s and early 1990’s influences. The classic Mullet, the Skater and the Buzz & Spike can all be seen as influences in their modern descendants.

My ClipperGuy FONT collection cuts present options for styles in short, medium and long lengths.


My 2014 ClipperGuy FONT Men’s Haircut Collection

My 2014 ClipperGuy FONT Men’s Haircut Collection

My 2014 ClipperGuy FONT Men’s Haircut Collection

I will share these cuts at classes, shows and events throughout 2014. Their major event debut will be at America’s beauty Show in Chicago in just a few weeks.

I look forward to sharing these cuts on manikins and live models at shows. I welcome your input as to how you use these cuts in pure form or excise adapted elements into your client’s looks in the coming year.

Happy clippering.



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