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HOW-TO: Scandinavian Braided Crown from 2014 Fall/Winter NYFW

Lauren Quick | February 7, 2014 | 9:28 AM

New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014 is in full swing, and the hair and nails have been just as exciting as the clothes coming down the runway. Designer Whitney Povgay's WHIT Fall 2014 collection had a distinctly Scandinavian feel to it, and CHI's lead hair stylist, Matt Fugate, created romantic braided crowns to accompany the looks.

"We wanted an up-style that was very ethereal and Grecian without letting it be too cutesy or polished," Fugate says. "To make sure the braid doesn't get to bulky, we kept it as flat to the head as possible, coming up from the back, and then pulled random pieces out from the front to get the wispy, free-spirited look."

HOW-TO: Scandinavian Braided Crown from 2014 Fall/Winter NYFW


STEP 1: Prep hair by spraying with CHI Infra Texture Dual Action Hair Spray to build a lightweight, loose texture.

STEP 2: Make a part in the hair.

STEP 3: Separate a small section at the hairline and apply CHI Pliable Polish; this will be the smooth section around the face that wraps around the ears at the end. 

STEP 4: Divide the remaining hair into two sections down the back of the head; messier is better. Use fingers instead of a comb to maintain a rough texture.

STEP 5: Braid the hair: Direct the braid up the back of the neck and make sure not to make the shape too wide at hte bottom. The braid should not be too precise.

STEP 6: Once the braid is complete, clip it in place and do the same on the other side.

STEP 7: Wrap the two completed braids around the crown and over the ears. Secure at the nape of the neck.

STEP 8: Drape the first hairline sections (originally left out) back and pin at the nape to frame the style.

STEP 9: Distress the look by rubbing CHI Matte Wax over the entire style with palms. Pull random pieces from the braid to make the look carefree.

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