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FORMULA & HOW TO: Inspired by Aveda Culture Clash, a Pastel Blend

Anne Moratto | March 7, 2014 | 1:23 PM

FORMULA & HOW TO: Inspired by Aveda Culture Clash, a Pastel Blend

Jennifer Sarchet at The Establishment LA  salon was inspired by Aveda's new Culture Clash Spring 2014 Collection to create this beautiful blend of colors for the salon's Assistant Manager Jennifer M.   A natural level 7, Jennifer M's ends were pre-lightened before the following application:    


Formula A

40 g Extra Lifting Creme

4 g Pastel Violet

4 g Pastel Blue

40 ml 10 volume color catalyst™

 Formula B

40 g Universal ØN

2 g Pure Violet

40 ml 5 volume color catalyst™

 Formula C

40 g Universal ØN

3 g Pure Blue

40 ml 10 volume color catalyst™

Step One: I lifted Jenn M's new-growth from natural level 7 to palest blonde using Aveda's Enlightener 20vol + Creme Booster.

Step 2: I took 3 sections, each with unique patterns using semi circles, triangles and inverted triangles. The first section is from the nape to the ear. Second section from the ear to the top of the recession. The third section on the top of the head is divided into 2 subsections.

 Step 3: I applied Formula A to section 1 from scalp to ends.

 Step 4: In section 2, starting 1/2" from the hairline, I took diagonal slices, applying Formula B from scalp to ends, leaving 1/2" in between each slice.

 Step 5: I took a center part in section 3, creating 2 subsections. In each subsection, starting at the front hairline, I took strong effect weaves alternating Formula B and Formula C, feathering away from the scalp to mid-lengths and then alternated Formula B & Formula C from mid-lengths to the ends. I also backcombed some of the hair left out and applied Formula B and Formula C

 Step 6: The color processed for 20mins. I rinsed & shampooed and applied an Aveda Botanical hair treatment after.

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