Tips From the Top: Sophy Merszei, CEO & Founder, NovaLash

Anne Moratto | April 8, 2014 | 9:21 AM

Tips From the Top: Sophy Merszei, CEO & Founder, NovaLashIn 2004, Sophy MerszeiCEO/President of NovaLash, Inc. was three years into a Ph.D. program in molecular biology at the University of Houston when she took a leap of faith and started NovaLash Eyelash Extensions. NovaLash products are now being distributed in countries all over the world and that original leap has provided a new career for many beauty professionals who now specialize in lashes, a high-ticket service that costs the operator very little. Many beauty professionals are currently earning six figures as full-time lash artists. FIRST CHAIR spoke to

What I do to start my day off right?

In order to start the day off right, it’s important to me to do my homework the night before. It might be a habit of mine left over from my student days, but I can’t sleep unless I know I’m prepared for the following day. “Homework” could be anything from organizing the products I know I’ll need in the morning, to doing research on a topic I want to learn more about or even practicing my hands-on skills.


What I do in the middle of the day to stay on task?

The middle of the day can make or break your timetable when working on clients. Mid-day is usually a good time to catch up before running overtime causes a domino effect on your schedule. I motivate myself to stay on task by taking minutes off my lunch break if I run overtime on my clients.

What I tell myself when something is challenging?

Whenever faced with a challenging situation, I remind myself that if it were easy, everyone would be successful. You have to be the one willing to do what others are not. If you have a goal in mind, expect obstacles and be prepared and willing to make sacrifices

How I take care of myself and keep from getting overwhelmed?

 Once you reach a certain level of activity in your life, it really becomes necessary to make lists and prioritize each task. This takes a lot of pressure off your brain, because you don’t need to worry that you might be forgetting something or spending too much time on a task that has a low priority. It’s actually been shown in studies that checking things off a list can produce endorphins, the “feel-good”, stress reducing chemicals that are produced with things like exercise or eating a satisfying meal.

Where I go for information when I need to research business strategies?

For the most part, I believe that business strategy is matter of instinct and intuition, but if there is a particular subject I need to learn more about I like Harvard Business Review.

Why I think a mentor is important?

Mentoring is important because the impression a person has about their work for the remainder of their life is molded within the first one to two years of their career. The values that we bring to the job and the way we view our profession is often determined during the transitional phase between school and the working world.

How I end each day?

I end every day by preparing for the next morning. I sleep best when I know that I have prepared myself for whatever tasks need to be accomplished the next day. Your brain is still organizing and processing information while you sleep, so I like to end every day by preparing for the next.

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