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HOW-TO: "Under the Spotlight" Redhead

Victoria Wurdinger | April 2, 2014 | 9:23 AM

Richy Kandasamy

TIGI US Technical Director

THE VISION: Create a red that always looks like it’s under a spotlight.


All mixing ratios are 1:1.5 using TIGI Copyright Colour

Formula 1: Creative 77/66 + Activator 20 volume/6%

Formula 2: Mix Master /66 + Activator 30 volume/9%

Formula 3: Mix Master /66 + Activator 20 volume

Formula 4: Mix Master /66 + Mix Master /44 + Activator 20-volume

STEP 1: Starting about 2 inches back from the center forehead, take two diagonal-back partings to create an elongated diamond section in the crown. Take a C-parting from center forehead to the nape. Take another C-parting on the opposite side, this time from center forehead to behind ear.

STEP 2: Begin at nape. Using horizontal sections, apply Formula 1 to base. Once the section is completed, clip up hair.

STEP 3: In the C-section, take a diagonal-back slice. Apply Formula 1 to base. Twist the slice tightly from base to ends. Apply Formula 3 all the way around the twist from base to ends. Repeat the procedure throughout both C-sections, then twist together to secure.

STEP 4: Working in the elongated diamond, apply Formula 1 to base. Then blend Formula 2 on mid-lengths and ends of remaining hair and place on a meche strip.

STEP 5: Process 35 minutes. At the shampoo basin, apply Formula 4 over the C-sections and process for 10-15 minutes.

HOW-TO: "Under the Spotlight" Redhead

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