NEW TREND: The '20s-Inspired Flat Finger Wave (Using a Flatiron!)

Lauren Salapatek | April 18, 2014 | 12:35 PM

Inspired by fabrics, patterns and fashion silhouettes, the latest collection of "Expressions & Expertise" created by Pureology Artistic Ambassador Ruth Roche, features this statement making "flat finger wave" technique.

Try out this hair style on your prom clients, and help them feel and look like the belle of the ball.

NEW TREND: The '20s-Inspired Flat Finger Wave (Using a Flatiron!)

PREP: Prime hair with Pureology Colour Fanatic, create texture, grip, and hold in the hair by blowdrying equal parts of Pureology Control Twist high hold liquid wax and Pureology Anti Breakage Twist shine-texturizer.

STEP 1: Using a ¾”flatiron, start two inches below the part line on the right side, insert the iron with the spoon towards the scalp a slight diagonal towards the back of the head.

STEP 2: Create a wave by pulling the iron to the right as you are pushing the hair over the spoon to the left side, and slightly rotating the lip of the spoon toward the ceiling.

STEP 3: Continue this technique around the head. This creates a 20s-like wave ridge.

STEP 4: Insert the iron directly under the created ridge on the left side at a slight diagonal toward the back. Once the iron is in, push the iron to the right as you push the hair over the spoon to the left and slightly rotating the lip of the spoon toward the ceiling.

STEP 5: Continue this technique all the way around the head.

STEP 6: Finish with a mist of maximum hold hairspray.

TIP FROM ROCHE: The deeper you want the ridge, the more you can rotate the spoon up toward the ceiling.

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