COLOR HOW-TO: Formula and Steps to Reach Platinum Blonde

Alison Alhamed | February 27, 2014 | 9:14 AM

Every time MODERN posts platinum blondes or winter white formulas on Facebook, you guys go NUTS. So when we spotted this beautiful bright finish on Instagram, we knew we had to track down the how to!

How did @redhotstylist Ashley Hubbard catch our attention? She uploaded the pic to Instagram, tagged @modernsalon, and used #hairdressermagic—MODERN's favorite way to see the best in hair color!

"This is my client Amber, who is a natural level 5," says Hubbard, who is the owner of Save Your Scissors Salon in Bethel, Connecticut. "Amber comes to have her roots refreshed every 4 weeks. I use 30-minute lightener on the scalp with 20-volume for 30 minutes. I then tone her base with Wella T18 or T14 depending on how much toning is needed, with 20-volume and leave it on 15-30 minutes as needed. Amber is sent home with Kevin.Murphy Blonde Angel wash and treatment which helps to maintain her creamy blonde tone while away from the salon for 4 weeks."

COLOR HOW TO: Formula and Steps to Reach Platinum Blonde



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