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Chandler Rollins | April 22, 2014 | 12:05 PM


"This at home color crimping job was one of the worst I've seen, just a hot mess from what we call here in the south a 'kitchen-tician' (at home hairstylist). Many hours later, she is fixed and happy with her hair!” says Joi Rooks, owner of Fresche Salon in Atlanta, GA.

All colorists have had the pleasure of experiencing that hot mess that walks through the door – it can be intimidating, but oh so satisfying figuring out the puzzle. Here’s what Rooks did. “This hair was pulled through a cap and lightened, which I immediately knew when I set eyes on it, but it had this very odd pattern that looked like her hair had been crimped. The back was left un-colored and the sides were very patchy,” adds Rooks.

THE FORMULA: Rooks took her hair back to its natural color with Goldwell Topchic 7N. Then, she highlighted on top of it to break it up a bit using SilkLift and 20 volume. In between the highlights she color balanced with Goldwell Colorance 7N and 7G. After the color was taken down, it was harmonized with Goldwell Colorance 9N.

“She said she had been wearing a ball cap everywhere because she was so embarrassed, she left the salon happy, smiling…and without a cap," says Rooks.


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