Classical Kimono Meets Harajuku Hair Fashion in Iro Collection

Lauren Salapatek | February 20, 2014 | 11:16 AM
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2013 AHFA New South Wales (State) Hairdresser of the Year, Kobi Bokshish confidently treads the tightrope between classical Japanese dress and the extremity of the contemporary Harajuku fashion cult in his new collection, Iro.

Japanese balance pervades this richly crafted collection synergizing cut, color and styling to embody the essence of Iro. Iro - meaning 'color' in Japanese - confers a yin and yang of rich, traditional Japanese clothing and the bright, daring adventure of obsessive Harajuku youth fashion.

Bokshish says that he has set out to create 'salon only' fashion looks for clients, extracting the ebullient color influence of Japanese fashion culture.

"Iro allows color to 'pop' in new ways. My clients will be able to revel in color at whatever level of intensity suits them, says Bokshish. "I like to believe I have ‘created something’ within this collection that pushes the common perception of exterior, the capacity of color and definition of ‘editorial texture’ – bringing new meaning to the notion of beauty."

Bokshish adds, "Our perception of beauty has evolved but the imperative nature of foundation hairdressing remains the same - my approach to hair design has and always will be built on the philosophy of Vidal Sassoon – structural to the core."

Bokshish's 2014 Trend Preditctions:

In 2014 Bokshish believes that brighter pastels will reign supreme, but brighter pastels will not present as one color. "Intricate foil work will create subtle pops of color with rich, solid and sometimes contrasting color," says Bokshish. "Highlights and contrasts will falsh as the hair moves or curls, creating an intriguing effect.

Kobi said hairstyles are moving away from length and solidity towards texture.

Gutsy, shorter textured and jagged fringes will be a deviation from solid fringes for more daring clients but the solid fringe will still frame the faces it suits, Kobi predicts. Shoulder length hair and shorter looks will make resurgence with a new twist, all beautifully married to our new colour looks.

Make-up looks will see gold’s complement these luxurious hair colours. Cheekbones will be enhanced, a big shift away from nude make-up, and coloured eyebrows will been seen on the street more often.

Kobi says that most of all, the Intershape team will assemble looks according to each individual client and her or his lifestyles.

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