HOW-TO: Subtly Blended "Sombre" -- The Softer Side of Ombre

Lauren Salapatek | April 10, 2014 | 2:05 PM

Hair Colorist Jordin Christen recently submitted this subtly blended "sombre" technique to MODERN's hastag #hairdressermagic! 

A lighter take on hair color, Christen predicts that "sombre", which incorporates lightened tips and darker roots (in a subtle way) will be the trend for summer 2014. Here, she shows us a newer version of ombre with a softer color gradient.

"This look is inspired by the warm weather and sun," says Christen. "I wanted to give her a natural beachy blonde as if her hair were naturally kissed by the sun, complete with the perfect beach waves."

STEP #1: "To get this dimensional blended ombré look I weaved a very small triangular section in the front bang area with 20-volume lightener to get that perfect pop of blonde."

STEP #2: On the front side sections I teased a few partings to ensure there would be no harsh lines. Using the side of the color brush, I painted the mids to ends of the hair with the same lightener.

STEP #3: "To get her warm brown base, I used Davines mask color in 6N with 20-volume and applied from roots to midlengths. I pulled it through the top diamond section of her hair with side strokes of the brush again to create a blend with no harsh lines."

STEP #4: "Finally, I finished the color by balayaging the top layers with the lightener."

STEP #5: "To style, I blow dryed with ColorProof PlushLocks Leave-in Smooth, ColorProof HeatProof Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Crème and shine oil.

STEP #6: I finished by curling big sections with a 1-1/4 inch curling iron and hairspray.

 HOW-TO: Subtly Blended "Sombre" -- The Softer Side of Ombre

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