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HOW TO: Rescuing Over-Processed, Hennaed Hair

Anne Moratto | March 18, 2014 | 9:27 AM

HOW TO: Rescuing Over-Processed, Hennaed Hair

We spotted Shyloh Cooper's work on Instagram and asked her to share the formula and technique used to achieve this cut and color makeover.  Cooper, who works out of her eco-natural salon The Green Grove in Norman, OK, shared some background on her client's hair.

"She had previously been using henna for a long time and we lighted some of the henna out and had colored her hair a bright level 5 red months prior," said Cooper.  "Her hair then underwent some DIY experimenting with home bleaching, bright colors, and some more bleaching that I know of. When she came to me her natural level 6 had grown a bit but her mid length through ends were a mix of faded blondes, brassy tones and some greenish spots. The ends were very comprised. She wanted to keep as much as possible while moving towards healthy hair and letting it grow out."

HOW TO: Rescuing Over-Processed, Hennaed Hair

Here is how she proceeded:

STEP ONE: She filled the mid-to-ends with OriginalMineral Liquid CCT demi 7/6 on all the brassy blonde tones and 6/54 on any greenish tones and processed completely.

STEP TWO: She then went in with OriginalMineral CCT permanent 5/46 (mahogany brown) and 6/75 (dark chocolate brown) as an all-over color, alternating each color. Processed for the full time and rinsed.

STEP THREE: To save length while also ridding her of the comprised ends, Cooper gave her a disconnected pixie with deep point cutting to achieve texture. She styled out with OriginalMineral k-gravel and Original Queenie spray.


HOW TO: Rescuing Over-Processed, Hennaed Hair

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