HOW-TO: Red Ombre Braid by Elena Gatzios

Lauren Quick | February 20, 2014 | 9:05 AM
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Floridian stylist Elena Gatzios says she's been doing photo shoots for close to a year in hopes of catching someone's eye. Gatzios has styled a variety of looks — from a polished Cinderella updo (the likeness to the Disney character is uncanny) to the loose, beachy braid she shared with MODERN.



Gatzios used Sens.ùs hair color to achieve a copper and blonde ombre.
Red formula: 40 grams of 8.4 / 25 grams of 7.43 / 70 grams of 20 vol
Ends: Balayaged with Organix Maiz Crème Bleach and 20 vol (plus Hot Heads extensions)



STEP 1: Curl hair with 1-1/2 inch iron
STEP 2: Run fingers through once hair is all curled; this expands and loosens curls
STEP 3: Spray Sebastian Texture Maker and scrunch. Let sit about 5 minutes or use a diffuser.
STEP 4: Designate a part on the preferred side of the head.


 STEP 5: Place hair extensions in an order to best suit the braid; they don't need to be curled.
STEP 6: From the bottom left nape, begin placing extensions diagonally going up to the crown.
STEP 7: Once extensions have been placed, tease hair at the root from the occipital bone up to the front hair line. 
STEP 8: Gently brush the top layer of the hair to smooth out the look without losing volume. Keep the part intact!
STEP 9: Apply Sebastian Microweb Fiber from the midshaft to ends of hair to relax flyaways.


 STEP 10: Leaving out the entire front hairline, grab a section as if pulling the hair half-up. Keeping the section loose, twist and push forward to create more volume. Use bobby pins to secure it by the occipital bone. 
STEP 11: Take small sections of loose hair from the hairline and twist and pin. Repeat all the way down the right side until you meet the bottom left corner. Repeat the process on the left side to the bottom of the left ear.
STEP 12: Braid the remaining loose hair all the way to ends and place two bobby pins in an upward X-shaped position at the bottom. 
STEP 13: Gently pull strands from the bottom-up to loosen the braid, then spray Sebastian Reshaper all over to hold. 
STEP 14: Add hair chain, if desired. Gatzio's chain is from Rosa's Jewelry.


Hair, make-up and photography: Elena Gatzios 
Model: Lexi Ciara
Salon: Beautiful Hair Color Studio in Port Orange, Florida

To see more of Gatzios' work, check out her Instagram: @HairByElena.

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