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Britney Spears Trades in Brunette Hair for Auburn Reverse Ombre

Lauren Quick | February 25, 2014 | 8:27 AM

We're having a hard time keeping up with Britney Spears' recent changes in hair color!

The blonde Vegas pop star traded in her signature golden locks for brunette tresses about two weeks ago, and as of this past weekend, brunette is out and auburn is in.

Britney Spears Trades in Brunette Hair for Auburn Reverse Ombre

Pravana's Artistic Color Director Vadre Grigsby weighs in: "The color is lighter — or as in Britney's case, brighter — at the top, working into deeper or darker colors toward the end. If you have golden strands like Britney and are not willing to part ways with light hair for long, this look makes it easier to go back to blonde. Also, if your ends are over-processed and damaged, reversing the ombre can hide damaged ends and offer a thicker and smoother look."


Red at the roots: 2 parts 6.66, 1 part 5.62, 1 part 5.7 and mix with 10 volume (because it would be deposit-only from her previous light hair)

Darker base underneath: Equal parts 4 and 5 N (if giving a true formula a replenishing, addition to the formula would be needed)

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