Marie Osmond to Attend Paul Mitchell Schools Caper 2014

Lauren Quick | February 4, 2014 | 9:40 AM

Singer and Nutrisystem spokeswoman Marie Osmond is set to entertain new beauty professionals as well as thank them on behalf of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals at the Paul Mitchell Schools Caper event on Feb. 11, 2014.

Marie Osmond to Attend Paul Mitchell Schools Caper 2014The Paul Mitchell Schools annual FUNraising campaign has donated $850,000 to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to date, and Osmond, who co-founded the organization with her family and actor John Schneider, wants to thank stylists personally.

In addition to Osmond, the 29th annual Caper event includes an array of other special guests. TEDx Austin Women's speaker and author Lizzie Velasquez will be in attendance, as well as hearing-impaired comedian and motivation speaker Kathy Buckley and deaf actor John Autry, who has appeared on Glee.

The event, which spans Feb. 10-12 at Caesers Palace in Las Vegas, also promises hands-on classroom rotations with top artists, educators and artistic directors. 

For more information, visit the Paul Mitchell Schools Caper Facebook page.

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