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Why Guys: Top 5 Reasons the Guy Business is the Best Business

Ivan Zoot | April 4, 2014 | 9:54 AM

I received an email this week citing a treasure trove of statistics on the health and strength of the guy’s end of the salon market. The stats were positive and inspiring, but nothing you or I do not know. The guy end of the haircut game is hot! Anyone cutting hair in a shop does not need an email of statistics to know that. More guys, more often, more $$$$$.

The inspiration for my post this week was not about the cold stats of the guy game but the warm and happy reality of why we love to build our guy business and why that buy business is our best business right now. Following are my top five reasons for why guys right now.

Why Guys: Top 5 Reasons the Guy Business is the Best Business

1. Guys turn the chair faster – They simply spend less time with us. Haircuts are easier to deliver and take less time (assuming our guy skills are solid). We can see more guy haircuts in a day than any other service. More turns equal more selling opportunities for add-on services, retail and referrals.

2. Guys come back sooner – Guy haircuts grow out faster and come back sooner. A short haircut that is now 1/2“ longer is a lot longer than a 14” haircut that is ½” longer. The guy haircut visit cycle is tighter. More guys coming back sooner is an appointment book with more clients and fewer empty spaces. This is a buys stylist. This is a happy haircutter. This is a haircutter taking home a bigger paycheck.

3. Guys buy more retail – If you pitch it, they will catch it. Guys can and will buy more take-home hair care product, but only if you offer it to them. They will not likely ask to make a purchase. They will, however, take your good advice and lay down cash for hair care product you have recommended. The ball is in your court. The responsibility lies with you. This is especially true when selling cross-gender, that is too say, female service providers servicing male clients.

4. Guys are simple – There are just fewer options and choices. Consultations are simpler. Choices are narrower. This makes the process easier. Guys seeking true fashion and trend and new and different are the exception, not the rule. Short or shorter? Over the ears or around the ears? See your scalp through the cut or scalp coverage. The questions are yea or no, one word answers.

5. Guys follow advice – If you give a guy a solid recommendation he will likely go with it, very little arguing. Very little negotiation is needed or sought. Offer good, solid, confident advice. Guys will follow where you lead. Female clients are more likely to argue, debate and challenge ideas and suggestions.

Bonus reason… Guys tip better – This is true on BOTH sides of the gender situation. Guys tip female cutters better and guys tip guy cutters better than female clients. This is true when measured in the actual cash amount as well as when measured as a percentage of the cost of the service. Guys just simply tip more.

These are amongst the great reasons to get deeper into the guy game. Next posting I will offer up some efficiency tips on how to move more guys faster through your chair while maintaining technical quality and customer service… and that means even MORE $$$$$. Stay tuned.

Happy clippering.


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