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Yay for Yoga!

Rosanne Ullman | March 17, 2014 | 2:28 PM

Yay for Yoga!Thanks a bunch to all of you hairdressers who responded to our social media question asking whether you do yoga! It seems that when you do yoga, you love yoga:

Melissa Cox: At my salon I offer free Yoga classes open to the public and encourage the staff to participate. I believe Yoga is very beneficial for everyone.

Tina Morschauser: We are having a private yoga class for our team at the end of this month. It will be an aroma flow class. It helps tremendously with my back, hips, shoulders, etc. I also feel it helps me to be a better boss. The days I do it, I am less reactive.

Alessandra Nociaro: Yes, Iyengar yoga for the past 14 years has helped with back and carpel tunnel issues. 33 years in the business.

Anna Rose Pollard: Yes! Yoga is the best! Helps with posture and encourages a sunny disposition.

Karen Langhor: My salon turns into a yoga studio every Monday night. We push the chairs back, and the yoga mats come out.

Shannon Steele: Yes—it’s imperative for my demeanor and combating fatigue. I use it during cutting as well, mountain specifically.

Grace Stephens: Yes it helps in soooooo many ways!!

Alisa Baker Macias: Love yoga! Releases tension and helps me take care of my body so I can choose how long I work as a hairdresser!

Julie Padgett: This is my next goal.

Pat Malin Ricciuti: Yes, it is wonderful for everyone.

However, a few of you said no-go to yoga:

Manda Panda: Tried yoga once; my body was sore for a week. Not trying that one again! I stick with the gym.

Trevor Waldron: No, but kung fu, karate, MMA and some sparring do me a GREAT deal of good after a long day at the salon.

Steph Anie: I like Pilates more.

Yoga’s benefits go beyond helping busy hairdressers! City of Hope reports that a new study indicates that a yoga regimen increases the sense of wellbeing and helps to regulate stress hormones for women undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer. Published online by the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the study was conducted by researchers at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

“This study supports that the more you do, the better off you are,” says City of Hope’s Joanne Mortimer, M.D., providing expert commentary on the study to HealthDay. Mortimer is director of City of Hope’s Women's Cancers Programs.

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