Joanne Fanelli-Babiarz: Artistic Elegance at ARTIST SESSION

Maggie Mulhern | February 3, 2014 | 9:51 AM
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Joanne Fanelli-Babiarz is an ARTIST SESSION regular, but for her, the most recent "Was the charm for me. I learn from each session and this time I really came with a plan," she says. "I knew I had to be flexible but I wanted to do something with multiple textures yet still elegant." Fanelli-Babiarz grabbed the first model that walked into the casting (more than 80 showed up) and poured through her portfolio. "I knew she could carry off the look I wanted, and she delivered." Fanelli-Babiarz, along with assistant Brittany Ciacciarelli, placed home made foil rollers into the hair to get maximum volume and texture. "I just loved how it looked," says Fanelli-Babiarz, "but it really came to life once she was made up and dressed."

Yes it did. Fanelli-Babiarz's model was the first one on set and everyone in the studio stopped to watch the very animated and expert Jessica from Major Models.

Check out the videos here. In the first Fanelli-Babiarz shows HOW TO place the 15 year old homemade foil rollers to create the unique texture that was the base for all of her finishes (she did three!). The second video offers a true behind the scenes view of the model on set with Fanelli-Babiarz checking out the monitor.

"This was my favorite ARTIST SESSION ever," said Fanelli-Babiarz. "I loved the education on day one, the speakers, the casting, the goody bag, the shoot, my model...the food...EVERYTHING. It was the best."

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