HOW TO: Fixing a Home Hair Color Disaster

Alison Shipley | February 26, 2014 | 2:25 PM

HOW TO: Fixing a Home Hair Color DisasterThis powerful before and after is proof why boxed home hair color should come with a big fat warning: Don't try this at home.

Kasia Pawluk, a stylist at Chicago's Gallery of Hair, had her hands full when this client came to see her with, what we can only guess, an attempt at ombre color. Here's how Pawluk tackled this challenge.

"First I stripped the color using Schwarzkopf Professional Lightener with 20-volume developer," Pawluk says. "Then I toned down some of the brassy-orange with Goldwell Colorance 2:1 10mL 7na + 5mL 8gb + 10 ml 8 ba for 10 minutes."

Next, Pawluk dried her hair and mixed Goldwell Silk Lift ammonia-free lightener with 10-volume to alternate weaves and slices through the sides and top of her hair.

"For the base color, I mixed Goldwell Topchic 1:1 20 mL 7na + 5 ml 6gb + 5 ml 7bn with 10-volume developer," she says. After processing for 25 minutes, the highlights were then tones with 2:1 Colorance 10 mL 9n + 5 ml 8n + 5ml 8 ba for about 10 minutes.

How'd Pawluk catch our attention? She uploaded the pic to Instagram, tagged @modernsalon, and used #hairdressermagic—MODERN's favorite way to see the best in hair color!

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