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American Crew All-Star Finalists: Meet Hamlet Gukasyan, Russia

Anne Moratto | April 16, 2014 | 8:23 PM

American Crew All-Star  Finalists: Meet Hamlet Gukasyan, Russia

UPDATE 5.16.14:  Out of 1100 entries to the American Crew All-Star Challenge, a men’s styling and photo shoot competition, only 14 stylists were chosen to compete for the global title.  They came to Lisbon, Portugal for two days of photo shoots with American Crew founder and photographer, David Raccuglia to realize their vision. Jerome Kantner of Germany was crowned the All-Star Global Champion on April 28, 2014.

The final photo that was created in Lisbon is the first displayed here while the second photo was the winning country entry and the image that secured the stylists a place in the global challenge.  Brief interviews were conducted at the photo studio.

Meet Russia's Country Winner and competitor, Hamlet Gukasyan:

Some competitors came with a vision fixed firmly in their mind.  Others arrived, as Hamlet Gukasyan did, waiting to see their model before envisioning a style.  “I was very inspired by my model,” said Hamlet. “He really believed in me and trusted me.  I didn’t know what I would do until I saw him. He had a lot of hair and that is why I was really focused on timing because of the volume but I still managed. “

He cited Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig and Antonio Banderas as style icons and inspirations.  Hamlet, who sports a “little beard” says he loves the shave products from American Crews.  “Beards are really popular now.”

The importance of timing was the takeaway for Hamlet.  “I learned a lot about the organizational process with the photo shoot.  There were so many people involved helping to make it work.  I think it’s very wise to have everything timed.  Everyone has to work under equal conditions and it makes you be better organized.”

When Hamlet was asked if he felt cramped or constrained by the presence of other people watching and working in the makeup room where he performed his styling, he said, “I didn’t know anyone else was there. I didn’t even see them.  I had my own task.” 

American Crew All-Star  Finalists: Meet Hamlet Gukasyan, Russia


My professional career did not begin as a hairdresser; when I finished school I dreamed of becoming a doctor and entered medical school, where I majored in stomatology-orthopedia. For six years I practiced as a doctor, specifically working with teeth, and decided to change my profile to a more creative profession. I come from a very artistic family – my mother is a painter and a hairdresser – and I made the decision to become a hair stylist.

 I’ve been a hairdresser since 1998, and I’ve participated in a lot of shows, workshops and events, and had the opportunity to work with many terrific companies. My greatest professional accomplishment was opening my own salon, which I’ve had for more than 12 years. Studia Hamlet is located in Moscow, Russia.


American Crew Medium Hold Spray Gel, Light Hold Texture Lotion, Fiber, Molding Clay, Forming Cream and Shaving Oil.


Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig


Sometimes I think I created American Crew, it is close to me in everything that I do. I love the imagery, the products, the atmosphere, the tones – everything. American Crew is masculine, stylish and wearable.


The American Crew All-Star Challenge gives me an opportunity to challenge myself, and a great opportunity to meet new people and be surrounded by never-ending creativity. I knew that I had to enter the Challenge and that I couldn’t lose the chance.




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