HOW-TO: Two-Toned Braided Updo by Heidi Hull

Lauren Quick | March 7, 2014 | 8:22 AM

We spotted Heidi Hull's braided updo styling of fellow stylist Amy Hotaling and knew we must have the steps to recreate her look! 

HOW-TO: Two-Toned Braided Updo by Heidi Hull

The braided updo on Hotaling is achieved starting with a cut that is more or less finger-length for all the hair in front of the ear. Hotaling did the color herself; the shorter section is lightened to a pale blonde with Redken Blonde Icing 20 vol, then Pravana Wild Orchid.

The look made us do a double-take! It is functional but also forward-thinking and unique.

HOW-TO: Two-Toned Braided Updo by Heidi HullGET THE LOOK

STEP 1: Start with a three-strand scalp braid in the back behind the ear, leaving some hair out for a second braid later; direct the braid forward around the shaved side of the head.

STEP 2: Continue braiding and angle the braid diagonally around the face for a tilted-hat look or softer look.

STEP 3: Take the section you left out and braid in an upward direction (as if it were a ponytail) in order to lie nicely behind the first braid.

STEP 4: Use a clear band to hold the braid together. Tuck and bobby pin pieces as needed to secure hair.

STEP 5: To finish, pull the braid apart slightly around the face to make it larger. Spray with Redken Control Addict high control hairspray for hold.


Styling: Heidi Hull
Color & model: Amy Hotaling
Cut: Sami Skinner
Salon: Rio Hair Studio, Jacksonville, Fla.




HOW-TO: Two-Toned Braided Updo by Heidi Hull SHOP! Bronze Chimera Color How-To

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