4 Long Hair Style Ideas For Men: Bun, Cornrow, Pomp & Slickster

Lauren Salapatek | April 28, 2014 | 1:28 PM
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DJ Victory recently created a collection called Suave Sophisticate which features a long-haired male model wearing four different looks. Try these out on your clients!


"For the pompadour, I left out the top and sides and clipped the back part of his hair up. I then started with the front section and back combed all the way back past his crown, gathering hair from the sides as I went. I used Aquage's Finishing Spray as I back combed, spraying each section lightly."

"Once I was happy with how much I back combed, I began to smooth and shape the hair with  Aquage's boar bristle detailing brush. Since the model had such long thick hair I was able to hide the clip in the back with the the hair from the top and sides. I wanted the pompadour to be bigger than most people would wear it to show the shape and style." 


"For the slick style, I flatironed my model's hair, made a deep side part and applied a very generous amount of Aquage's Defining Gel. I then very meticulously combed hair into place gathering it at the bottom to make a low ponytail. To give the ponytail a little pizazz I added some elastic holders to give it that 'bubble' effect."


"For the braided style, I sectioned his hair off starting in the middle. I then did eight braids (cornrows). I used a little bit of Paul Mitchell's Gloss Drops as I was braiding to keep the frizz at a minimum."


"For the messy bun I haphazardly gathered all of his hair back. I teased the pony a little and wrapped a piece of his hair around the elastic. I then used a bit of Finishing Spray and my fingers to give the top a little texture."


Hair: DJ Victory

Photography: Devin Casper

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