Robb Dubre's Golden Girl Step by Step with Kenra Color

Maggie Mulhern | April 1, 2014 | 10:07 AM
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Dramatic color can be achieved in just a few steps, but the most interesting results are determined by placement and color selection. While many colorists think linear, sometimes bringing in an unexpected shape for the color pattern can make those few steps look incredibly complex. Here, Robb Dubre creates dimension and depth at the base for a spring/summer warm up—for maximum impact with (exhale!) minimal foiling.

Robb Dubre, Senior Artistic Director for Kenra Professional, used Kenra’s “Golden Sunset” technique of merging golden and natural blonde shades in five steps to create this finish. “For this technique, three sequential circles are created on the top of head. Alternating shades of Level-8 gold, Level-9 gold and lightener accents of Level 10 are placed within pivotal slices. It’s a great way to create contrast and movement, maximum impact with minimal foiling.”

STEP 1: Begin with the foundation formula. 1 part Kenra Color 9A with 1 part Permanent Coloring Crème 30-volume. Apply to regrowth in ¼-inch sections. Process for 30 minutes at room temperature then shampoo, condition and blow dry.

STEP 2: Create three sequential circles at the crown of the head. Clip away.

STEP 3: Subdivide each circle with pivotal slices, alternating three formulations: A: 8G with 10 volume. B: Kenra Color Lightener powder with 10 volume. C: Equal parts 9G and 10N with 10 volume. Apply in a skip/slice application.

STEP 4: Color is applied in each foil from base to ends. Continue with this technique within each circle.

STEP 5: Now go between foils with Kenra Color 10G demipermanent color.

STEP 6: To all the hair outside circles, apply equal parts Clear and 9GB demipermanent color.

STEP 7: Process up to 30 minutes at room temperature. Shampoo and condition.



Color: Kenra Color, Kenra Lightener

Styling: Platinum Blow Dry Mist, Volume Mousse Extra, Platinum Recovery Polish, all by Kenra Professional

Shears: Hikari

Blow dryer and flatiron: One Epic

Make-up: Auraline Beauty mascara

Nails: Essie polish in Ignite The Night; CND Solar Oil; Alessandro Hand Spa Treatment; Zoya Hand Moisturizer

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