COLOR TREND: Two Rose Gold Hair Color Formulas

Lauren Salapatek | February 14, 2014 | 10:28 AM

“Rose gold is the new blonde phenomenon sweeping the red carpets and salons world wide! It provides soft rose warmth to any blonde canvas with a neutral warmth, leaving hair a natural peach beige color,” says John Simpson, Lead Artistic Director for Goldwell and Global Master Team.

Simpson offers two formulas using Goldwell Colorance and Elumen Hair Color. The differences are the saturation and reflective properties. "Colorance provides a perfect saturated peachy blonde with high shine and Elumen delivers a more reflective effect and maximum shine," says Simpson.

Formula 1:

40ml Colorance Core Lotion

20ml 10BB (peach beige)

Formula 2:

30ml [email protected] (gold beige level 9)

10ml CLEAR

2ml [email protected]

1ml [email protected]

COLOR TREND: Two Rose Gold Hair Color Formulas

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