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American Crew All-Star Finalists: Meet Eva Lill Kristengard

Anne Moratto | April 16, 2014 | 8:07 PM

American Crew All-Star  Finalists: Meet Eva Lill Kristengard

UPDATE 5.19.14:  Out of 1100 entries to the American Crew All-Star Challenge, a men’s styling and photo shoot competition, only 14 stylists were chosen to compete for the global title.  They came to Lisbon, Portugal for two days of photo shoots with American Crew founder and photographer, David Raccuglia to realize their vision. Jerome Kantner of Germany was crowned the All-Star Global Champion on April 28, 2014.

The final photo that was created in Lisbon is the first displayed here while the second photo was the winning country entry and the image that secured the stylists a place in the global challenge.  Brief interviews were conducted at the photo studio.

Meet Norway's Country Winner and competitor, Eva Lill Kristengard:

She rocked sky-high heels on the cobbled streets of Lisbon and was a delighted-to-be-there participant in the Crew challenge.   But Eva Lill expressed a sensation shared by many of the competitors and that was the sense that even though they did this every day for a living, the high-stakes of the challenge had her feeling like a first year student.  

“I arrived very late last night and woke up early today and I have been a nervous wreck all day.  When I was cutting my hands were shaking and my comb was shaking. “

Eva Lill, who has trained in the Sassoon Academy in London, went through the US American Crew Collection book to get inspiration for her model and his look.

“I didn’t have a set haircut planned in advance; I wanted to see the model and the hair and work from that.  I used scissor over comb on the sides and just once over with machine over comb. I used an Oster and I took off three or four centimeters.  On the top, I used Firm Hold Gel and a little Fibre.”

Her fashion choices of white-t-shirt and leather jacket evoked a classic cool. “I wanted a James Dean look,” Eva Lill said.  “Shooting with David, it’s really cool,” she continued. “And I really like the American Crew All-Star Team. They have been truly inspirational.”  

American Crew All-Star  Finalists: Meet Eva Lill Kristengard

I moved to Oslo, Norway, at the age of 19 and was fascinated by the creative
and cool hairdressers at my local salon, so I decided to try it for myself. My career
started off as an assistant while attending school and during that time, the salon
sent me to London to attend the Vidal Sassoon Hairdressing Academy. Since
then, I’ve completed hairdressing courses in Norway and have worked in many
different areas – from behind the chair at salons, to color, to styling shows, and
managing salons – I’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years. I currently
work at Adam og Eva Grensen 8 in the Oslo City Center, one of the best salons
in Norway.

I use Argan Oil on almost every client I have to control frizziness, and still leave
hair with a natural feel. I also love American Crew Stimulating Conditioner, Boost
Cream, Forming Cream and Defining Paste.

I have always fancied David Beckham and Brad Pitt. Elvis, James Dean and Clark
Gable have also been a huge inspiration.

American Crew has the best books and the best team in men’s haircuts. I love that
American Crew has a full range of products just for men, making it easy to choose
the right products, and combine them to suit the clients’ needs perfectly. I am more
of a “classic” style myself, so I identify with the American Crew philosophy.

It is a huge accomplishment to make it to the All-Star Challenge finalist competition.
The All-Star Challenge is a true recognition of me as a hairdresser and my skills,
so I will cherish this forever. I look forward to making new contacts and showing
off my work and skills.


Products Used: Daily Moisturizing Shampoo, Daily Conditioner,  Defining Paste

Technique:  Cut:  First, I separated the top including the crown, from the sides and the nape-area. Then I used scissors over comb and machine over comb to create a graduated, slightly faded effect. On top I used pointing-technique for a soft, square shape, keeping the fringe-area slightly longer.  Connected the sides (but minded the corners), for a masculine, yet soft shape. Styling: I applied a small amount Boost-Cream to damp hair, then dried it off using my fingers and a diffuser. I then applied The Boost Powder to the roots, for maximum lift. Then added some definition to the natural movement of the hair, with Defining Paste.

Inspiration:  Classic gents, with natural, groomed looks.

Why: Because it is simple, yet gorgeous. Modern, yet classic. Groomed, yet natural.

One Word to Describe Your Look: Groomed

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