Top Education at On Rite Conference 2014

Maggie Mulhern | March 7, 2014 | 4:31 PM

Top Education at On Rite Conference 2014

It is not easy to cut wigs properly. Creating seamless layers, a natural fall or even consistency can proof to be a Herculean task to even the most accomplished cutter.

Three time world hairstyling champion Raphael Perrier appreciates the difficulty. He has won awards for his cutting and styling expertise, and has learned to apply the skills used on models to wigs, both human hair and synthetic.

MODERN caught up with Perrier at the 2014 On Rite Conference held recently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. More than 300 wig specialists were in attendance, eager to learn new techniques to perfect the latest wig designs from any of the On Rite family of wigs (including TressAllure and GemTress).

Learn 2 of Perrier's most important techniques including texturizing and balance.

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