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Serious Illness and Your Finances

Rosanne Ullman | April 14, 2014 | 1:22 PM

This is tax week, and you’re probably absorbing all of the stress that comes with the annual dreaded April 15 deadline. Financial planning in general is difficult enough, but it’s exceptionally burdensome, and sometimes complex, for people who have a family member confronting a serious illness. Wouldn’t it help to be able to get direction free of charge? City of Hope thought so.

“Our new step-by-step guide, Taking Control: Effective Planning and Sound Finances When You Face Serious Illness, provides detailed information for families confronting serious illness on reducing stress through effective planning,” says Amy Goldman, vice president, Planned Giving, at City of Hope. The free publication is produced in cooperation with City of Hope’s Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center, which is led by multidisciplinary teams of volunteers and professionals and offers an integrated array of cancer support services to patients and their families.

The booklet is divided into four simple steps:

1. Taking care of yourself

2. Taking care of your family

3. Taking care of your property

4. Writing your life story.

“This new guide embodies City of Hope’s core mission to care for the whole person,” notes Goldman. Click here to fill out a form to receive the publication.

Serious Illness and Your Finances

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