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Summit Salon Consultants Endorse Peter Millard Salon Lighting

Stacey Soble | June 11, 2014 | 8:22 AM

Summit Salon Consultants Endorse Peter Millard Salon LightingSummit Salon Consultants Endorse Peter Millard Salon LightingIn an announcement that, over time, will literally change the way thousands of colorists see and execute their work, Summit Salon Consultants, the world's largest consulting and training company for independent salons, has endorsed the results of Peter Millard Salon Lighting.

Heather Bagby, Summit Senior Director of Development in supporting the lighting for salon owners and colorists across the US and Canada said, “Peter Millard Salon Lighting creates an optimal environment for colorists, simply because it allows them to do their best work. The impact of the lighting not only improves the customer experience, but also translates directly to increases in color service sales. Colorists are able to make intelligent additional service offerings with a renewed sense of purpose.”

The reduction in color re-dos with Millard lighting has also been tracked, with results of reduced costs, measurably higher customer satisfaction, and colorists who are confident in the quality and accuracy of their work. Peter Millard Salon Lighting was also tested at the Redken Exchange in New York for one year and was endorsed by over 20 Redken, Pureology, L'Oreal Professionel and Matrix colorists. Those endorsements were the catalyst that initiated the decision by Summit to test the lighting for themselves.

Plagued by the standard salon lighting choices of fluorescent or incandescent lighting – neither of which show hair color results accurately, and LEDs that were never tested for salon work, colorists will now have a solution to the problem of lighting, according to Summit Salon Consultants.

“How can you do good work, if you can't see what you are doing?” asks Millard

The question is a simple one and so is the answer. “You can't. You're guessing....which is no way to work.” says Millard. “ I wanted a solution to that. So we developed LED lighting corrected specifically for haircolor that eliminates the guesswork and relieves the unconscious stress and unpredictable color results that bad lighting leads to.” The response from owners and colorists has been “astounding”, with sales of the lighting doubling every six months. Millard has been designing salons for over 25 years, with salons as finalists at NAHA 2013 and again for Salon of the Year 2014. His design work is iconic in the world of haircare.

Summit Salon Business Center is the worlds' largest seminar, consulting, and training company for salons and spas. They became the largest through their remarkable record of turning marginally profitable salons into successful businesses through an emphasis on team building, training, educating, and by continuing to guide their salon clients to success with their consultants.

These same Summit consultants will now be aware of the greater customer satisfaction resulting in increased revenues through increased color services – charted specifically by salons over time. Free in-salon trials of the lighting are being offered, and discounts to salons in the Summit program are also expected to help connect owners and colorists to the haircolor specific LED energy saving lighting.

At Salon Biyoshi, in Knoxville Tennessee, “we experienced a 30% increase in color services from November 2012, when we installed the lights, to November 2013”, according to one of the salon's owners, David Watkins. He attributes it to increased client satisfaction “when they see their color under this lighting, they are sold.”

Results like these, as well as the installation of the haircolor specific lighting throughout the Redken Exchange on Fifth Avenue in New York, convinced Summit to bring Peter Millard Salon Lighting to their salon clients.

Peter Millard Salon Lighting is available online at or by calling 888-960-7675.

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