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2 New Trends in Gray Hair Color Coverage

Lauren Salapatek | June 17, 2014 | 2:03 PM

“I am seeing a lot of women right now who are embracing their gray hair,” says Linda Sweetman, Senior Stylist/Colorist at David’s Beautiful People Salon in North Bethesda, Maryland. “I think this is an important new hair color trend with baby boomers who are starting to retire.”

Sweetman believes in natural hair color and works to enhance each of her client’s hair color – gray coverage is a big part of her work. She says that today many “graying” women are living very active lifestyles. “They want to look great, yet they don’t want the commitment of a hair color appointment very three weeks.”

Sweetman is working with clients to help them get away from the high maintenance hair color and into a glamorous look that still enhances their hair color, yet with less upkeep.

Here is what she is noticing:

TREND #1: Client are asking for darker and medium tones for a salt and pepper look to dimensionalize their gray hair color shades, rather than going white.

TREND #2: Some mature clients will add hair color with highlight services, the trends for some of these women are with more natural looking monochromatic and multi-dimensional hair color designs with soft, loose hair.

“Try recommending glosses, glazes and Cellophane treatments to add extra shine for your mature clients,” she adds.

2 New Trends in Gray Hair Color Coverage

2 New Trends in Gray Hair Color Coverage

2 New Trends in Gray Hair Color Coverage

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