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6 Tips to Perfecting a TV Appearance from Ted Gibson

Maggie Mulhern | June 3, 2014 | 9:57 AM

Did you happen to catch Ted Gibson's June 2014 Today Show appearance? MODERN caught up with him moments after his appearance to get some suggestions for salon professionals who might get that opportunity to have their own 15 minutes of fame in the future. Here he offers his top six tips:

1. Manage your expectations. TV is so much fun, but you have to be ready for anything. It's like doing a fashion show at New York Fashion Week. Fast and flexible. Things happen so quickly. For the Today Show this morning, for example, it was suppose to be 4.5 minutes, but they were short on time, so it ended up being 3.5 mins and cut the bang trim out.

2. Try to avoid certain words and expression such as: like, you know, ummmmm, etc. Speak clearly. Sound bits are important. Tips and trick--that’s what people want to know.

3. Make sure you are prepared and know your stuff. If possible get the questions in advance. The producers are very, very diligent about the shows they produce!

4. Watch your pace when speaking. Take a deep breath and relax. Feeling comfortable is important. I am always nervous, but it helps when you know what you are speaking about and being prepared.

5. Be prepared to have to show up early, and don't assume there will be a beauty team there for you. Usually you have to be there 2.5 hours prior to the scheduled appearance to block the segment, meet the hosts and have a cup of coffee. And make sure you are camera-ready. They might have someone to touch you up, but I always have my little travel make-up kit with me: foundation, mascara, concealer and some lip balm.

6. Make sure to maximize your appearance through social media. Make sure to send out an invite via social for people to watch and make sure to follow up. And share the video when it becomes available.

Gibson also advises that you offer the anchor or producer or other influential people at the local stations your services for free. "It is a great way to get to know them and more importantly for them to get to know YOU," he says.





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