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All Guy Haircuts = $10? Think Again

Ivan Zoot | July 7, 2014 | 8:09 AM

All guy’s haircuts are $10. No guy has ever paid more than $10 for a haircut. No one has ever charged more than $10 for a guy’s haircut.

Hang on. Wait a minute. There are many guys who have handed over more than $10 to a haircutter. There are many haircutters who have taken more than $10 from a guy after a haircut. What is really going on here?

A basic guy’s haircut only takes about six minutes. A basic guy’s haircut is only worth about $10. A guy haircut that is anything more than basic might take one more minute. It is still worth only $10. How then are haircutters charging more than $10? Why are guys forking over more than $10?

It all comes down to the fact that they are not paying for the haircut. The first $10 of the transaction covers the haircut. You cut his hair, he gave you $10. That part is pretty simple. Things get complicated after that. How much more he is willing to pay is directly related to how much more than a haircut you are willing to give.

We are enjoying the new golden age of men’s hair in the professional beauty industry in America. The sky is the limit for men’s haircut prices. The sky is the limit for what constitutes a men’s haircut experience. The list of features and accoutrements to be experienced in conjunction with a pretty simple haircut is vast and enticing.

Shops offer big comfy chairs, expansive flat screen televisions, and icy cold Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Some offer wireless internet connection, neck trimming between appointments and on-line booking accommodations. Still others proudly feature stunning retro décor, early morning and late night service hours and included neck and shoulder massages.

The idea of what constitutes a “haircut experience” and what that experience contains is in an exciting, upward moving state of change. I have always defined value as “the feeling that you are getting more than you are paying”. Everyone wants value in every purchase at any price point. It doesn’t matter if you are selling hamburgers, Hondas, houses or haircuts. Clients are seeking value. Your task is to position your service and its experience as a value in the eyes of your target customer at your target price point.

You can literally charge whatever you want for a men’s haircut in today’s marketplace. The secret to the puzzle is determining how much money you want to ask for and how much and of what you are willing to give to make it a value for everyone involved.

You just want to give a guy haircut? That’s just ten bucks.

Happy clippering.



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