SEEING RED: A Great Vision + Great Consulation= Thrilled Guest

Anne Moratto | July 29, 2014 | 11:03 AM

SEEING RED: A Great Vision + Great Consulation= Thrilled Guest

 Anatalie David (@anatalienicole) is a Senior Colorist at The Red Door in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan. On Instagram, she shared how her guest really trusted her  vision for her color. We wanted to know abuot this consultation and, of course, the steps and formula 

"I first met Suzanne back in May of this year when she came to see me for a full head of hi-lights. I recently started transitioning a lot of my full head foil guests to balayage, I prefer the natural and graceful grow out the guests can achieve through this technique.

"I sat Suzanne down and immediately began talking about her wants, needs, concerns and most importantly, her lifestyle. It's so important to understand your guest's personality on a deeper level in order to give them the results that suit them completely, not just in a physical manner. If a client washes their hair everyday and wears it in a bun 7 days a week then giving them intricate, high maintenance color isn't going to fit their lifestyle.

"I took one look at Suzanne and asked her if she had ever been a red head. She said she had been but not since she was a child. The more we spoke the more the vivaciousness of her personality began to come alive. I could already see her with red hair. I mentioned the option and she was excited but not completely convinced, We had just met and that was a giant leap to take. I didn't pressure her one bit; it's not my style. I want to gain my guest's trust with my capabilities not my persuasiveness.

"We agreed that we both loved the red Christina Hendricks from Mad Men has and I came up with a game plan towards that goal. I told her, today we will balayage your hi-lights but I was also going to add some red pieces near her face to get her used to seeing this new shade when she looked in the mirror. I told her we would then revisit the red on her next visit.

"I chose Wella Kolosten 7/34 as my red and Loreal Platine with 20 volume for her blonde pieces. It was just the right amount of red to ease her towards this new look.

 "On our second visit in June she was thrilled with the red pieces and said she trusted my vision and was completely ready to go head first into her new look.


STEP 1: I used Wella Kolosten 7/43 and 8/34 with some /43 additive and 20 volume on her roots and processed for 30 minutes.

STEP 2: I glossed her with Wella Color Touch 8/43 on her mid shaft and ends for about 10 minutes and the results were great, but I wasn't finished...

STEP 3: I wanted to increase the shine and enhance the red tones a little more so I glossed from roots to ends with Cellaphanes in Golden Honey and Gold Red under heat for 15 minutes.

"I was thrilled with the final outcome and Suzanne was beaming from ear to ear!

"I've since seen her for a third time and modified the root color by eliminating the /43 and the Color Touch Gloss. When she is finished she is turning heads all over the salon and the color we have achieved looks as if she was born with it. She even left the salon purchasing a series package guaranteeing she will return to me at least 12 more times."

Instagram: anatalienicole

Twitter: @anatalienicole

Facebook: Fabulous Hair By Anatalie

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