How Social Media Transformed this Hairdresser's Life & Career

Anne Moratto | July 31, 2014 | 8:44 AM

How Social Media Transformed this Hairdresser's Life & Career

 Hairstylist, wig maker, socially conscious and social media savvy, Darnell Wold said his career and his whole life changed when he really started using social media to market his talents. With 162,000 followers on Instagram ( and 10, 7000 followers on Twitter (@HairHeGoes), Wold has found that sharing his work with the world brought so much more back to him than he could ever have expected. So if you’re not socially active, yet, this success story might just start a fire under you.

“A year ago I was working as a hairstylist and going to college for social work. While I was content with my life I felt like something was missing. Being a creative and artistic person I was no longer satisfied with just being behind the chair all day. This is where I began exploring the world of wig making. I literally started experimenting with about one pound of imported virgin Indian hair, a wig cap and needle and thread. Before you know it, in about three days I had created my first handmade wig, custom colored it and created a gorgeous cut and style to match. While this was exciting and tons of fun, I never imagined this little science project would soon change my entire life.

“After completing the wig I took a quick photo of it with my iPhone and uploaded the wig to my social media accounts. Not thinking much of it I went about my day and before I knew it I started getting tons of requests from women all over the world asking me the price of the wig. I was honestly in complete shock because I never planned to make this wig to sell it nor did I see this as a business venture. At this point I only had a couple hundred followers on my Instragram account but within the next couple of weeks I started receiving a flood of emails and several thousand followers all interested in buying custom made wigs from me.

 Women from all over the world began placing wig orders and I was in complete shock. Before I knew it I had acquired over 100,000 followers on Instagram and sold close to one thousand wigs to women and celebrities around the globe. In only one year, I had more success overnight than I had ever experienced in my previous nine years as a stylist. I was able to open my own private hair studio, sell out classes to students from all around the world and I am now developing my own wig and hair extension line.

How Social Media Transformed this Hairdresser's Life & Career

“Social media has completed changed my life; not only has it helped me jump start my career, but it has allowed me to constantly challenge myself and work harder to improve my skills and constantly put out flawless work for my audience.

“I’ve always had a passion for the world of cosmetology, however, I’ve also had a passion for social work, as well, and I’ve always struggled with how I would be able to combine the two. With the world of wig making, I have done just that. I am now able to use my passion and talent for cosmetology while being able to counsel and interact with so many beautiful people dealing with hair loss and serious illnesses such as cancer, lupus and alopecia.

“I have used my platform to give back through my talent and make gorgeous wigs for children, women and transgender females who are transitioning and may not have the means to be able to afford a custom made wig. Aside from the financial success and notoriety, the opportunity to be able to change lives through hair and counsel is the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for. I am beyond humbled that I have been fortunate enough to make my career just as customized as the wigs that I make for my clients.”



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