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The Ten Commandments of Barber Business

Ivan Zoot | June 9, 2014 | 11:45 AM
Ivan Zoot

Just as Moses passed the Ten Commandments to the Israelites in this season a long time ago, as a leader of the barber world, I give you the Ten Commandments of the barber business.

Know these Ten Commandments of barber business.  Respect and follow these Ten Commandments and your business can prosper. Disobey these Ten Commandments at the risk of great peril to the long term success of your barber business.

  1. Thou shall raise your haircut price one time every year.
  2. Thou shall have two prices for every service you offer, full and free.  Thou shall not discount.
  3. Thou shall deliver three haircuts per hour, no more, no less so as to maintain profitability and customer service.
  4. Thou shall track four primary business statistics, occupancy rate, repeat rate, average ticket, retail per client.
  5. Thou shall work five days per week.  Thou needest a weekend.
  6. Thou shall achieve a minimum six percent net profit for your business for long-term health and profitability.
  7. Thou shall change the Barbicide in the jar seven times per week (daily).
  8. Thou shall target 80% occupancy and 80% repeat as your goals
  9. Thou shall sweep every client.  Thou shall take the nine seconds necessary to do this every client.
  10. Thou shall have sufficient staff to keep the wait time to no more than 10 minutes.

Go forth with these commandments and find success in barbering.

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