The Perfect Ponytail: It's Not So Easy

Maggie Mulhern | May 24, 2014 | 7:17 AM

MODERN caught up with Amit Abraham at a recent L'Oreal Professionnel photoshoot. Abraham, the "King of the Pony" was busy on set when we asked if he could share some tips on HOW TO create the perfect ponytail. Shockingly, the Perfect Pony is a bit complicated.

Here he offers the steps and demonstrates in the video below.

1. Create a halo parting from ear to ear. Push the hair in front of the hair forward to be used later.

2. Have the client lean back and brush the hair back to where you want to place the ponytail. Make sure the hair is cleanly pulled back, checking the sides as you work.

3. Brush to the open side of your hand to prevent hair from buckling.

4. Take an elastic and twist two times. Make sure to make it tight. Create a bakers knot to secure.

5. Now take the front section and brush back to the elastic.

6. Backcomb along the Mohawk to create height along the top.

7. Brush the front section back to the ponytail.

8. Take a second elastic and tie over the first elastic, including all the hair.

For an editorial finish, Abraham loosens it up along the top for a more "lived in" look.

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