5 Keys to Success From Industry Icon Winn Claybaugh

Maggie Mulhern | May 21, 2014 | 8:04 AM

5 Keys to Success From Industry Icon Winn ClaybaughMODERN caught up with Winn Claybaugh at the Repechage Rx For Success conference in NYC and asked for his five keys to success to the salon professional.

If you have a couple minutes, check out the video of Claybaugh speaking at the conference as he chats about the "Visionary" in the salon, but in the meantime, follow his keys and you will be happy and successful:

"I never assume that I'm the smartest, prettiest or fastest person in a group," Claybaugh says. "But none of that should hold you back if you do the following:

1. Educate yourself. Never stop learning! Become an expert on haircutting, coaching, leadership, or whatever you are passionate about.

2. Improve yourself personally. To become a better leader and teacher, sometimes it comes down to joining a gym, fixing your marriage, becoming sober or doing a cancer walk. Without improving yourself continuously, you begin to lose credibility.

3. When all else fails, work really, really hard! Be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Be the first to volunteer, say yes, and show up!

4. Be the most positive person in the room. Again, you may not be the smartest, tallest, or prettiest, but always strive to be the most positive.

5. Develop a daily attitude and ritual of showing gratitude. The ugliest trait is entitlement. The opposite of entitlement is gratitude. Be grateful and express your gratitude every single day for your job, your health, your loved ones, your opportunities."

Follow Winn: Winn Claybaugh Dean & Cofounder of Paul Mitchell Schools:

Claybaugh is the author of Be Nice (Or Else!). Purchase by clicking the banner below!


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