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HOW-TO: Electric Pink Waterfall Braid

Lauren Salapatek | June 23, 2014 | 9:21 AM

Instagram user Lindsey Wiseman (@lwisehairmarvel), and Creative Director at Salon Modello Atlanta created this Waterfall Braid (plus an Inverted Braid) on her client, Cara, recently. If your client is rockin' vivid hair color or an ombre look, this braid is easy to try. Here are the steps offered by Wiseman:

STEP 1: "The hair was diffused for natural texture with Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment, Aquage Volumizing Treatment and Aquage Curl Defining Cream."

STEP 2: "I did a Waterfall Braid off of her natural part because she wanted it asymmetrical. The Waterfall Braid falls right overtop her side swept bang. I put a clear band to secure the braid."

STEP 3: "I created an Inverted Braid on the other side working off of her natural part. Once the braids met in the back, I secured the hair with a clear band. Then, I pulled on the braid to loosen and spread out for more of a deconstructed look."

STEP 4: "With the left over hair, I finger teased randomly to build volume and texture. Then, I used my hand to cup the shape overtop the bands of the finished braids and weaved at opposite directions two large closed bobby pins."

STEP 5: "I finger teased more to finalize the shape. Then, I gave it a good round of Aquage Finishing Spray, focusing on the braids. For the hair left out of the braids, I finished with a misting of Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray."

HOW-TO: Electric Pink Waterfall Braid


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