COLLECTION: Apostolopoulos Tales - Muted Tones & Thatched Texture

Lauren Salapatek | June 19, 2014 | 11:35 AM
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He is the Creative Director of BIBA AUSTRALIA and a visionary for creating arresting and unique hair styles; a trend setter pushing the boundaries of hair fashion and style.

Frank Apostolopoulos’ collection is one that inspires through the artistic possibilities with simple strands of hair.

Titled APOSTOLOPOULOS TALES, the collection truly tells a story; not only through hair but of Apostolopoulos' journey as a hairdresser. The collection explores the fabric of hair in a universe of creative guises for outcomes that are unexpected and mysterious, yet always astonishingly beautiful; a bewitching collection of muted tones, thatched texture and striking shapes.

“We’ve pretty much seen everything else with hair. I wanted to create something to inspire others to think differently about hair – a collection that is bravely fascinating bypassing everything known and pushing myself to new places,” saidApostolopoulos. “I wanted to give hair new life; a real reaction by colouring it curiously and cutting it with a much rawer finish. Starting with a blank canvas, anything is possible.”

“Creating new textures is the thing that has probably excited me the most of late,” Apostolopoulos reflects. For one of the remarkable creations, he bypassed traditional salon colour and used hardware store paint to create an opaque white finish on a rows of interlaced, delicate braids.

“My inspiration was Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garcons,”says Apostolopoulos, “The brand she has created is bold, fearless and so edgy. And all the distressed fabrics, amazing. To me she is a true genius – always unpredictable, an alternative thinker. I love something that I read on her once about her shows and designs: “She manages to confuse, provoke and delight the audience in equal measure.” My collection hopes to achieve this. Not typical but intriguing provocative and beautiful.”

Apostolopoulos' images are haunting with their exquisite manipulation of hair, make-up and fashion; articulating hair beyond convention and arousing an extraordinarily new approach to hair.

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