Backcutting at CC's First Mondays Event with Kyle Aguon

Elizabeth Jakaitis | July 8, 2014 | 2:16 PM
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Kyle Aguon demonstrating backcutting at CC's First Mondays Event on July 7, 2014
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Kyle Aguon of Sebastian’s Urban Design Team walked stylists through the techniques and products vital to his craft at Cosmetologists Chicago's First Mondays education series on July 7 at Empire Beauty School in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Aguon’s methods are designed to create transformative hair styles that can adapt on-demand to the changing moods and needs of the client. He shared his go-to technique and favorite product.

Aguon uses backcutting every day because it is the one technique that he can get almost any finish with.

1. He holds a section of dry hair in one hand and slides his shears from the ends towards the head, the same way you would move a comb when backcombing.

2. As his shears move up the section of hair, he slowly closes them.

“Every craftsmen has that one tool that is their go-to and they can get the most done with it," said Aguon. "For me, backcutting is that tool."

When asked about his favorite product, Aguon said he was hooked on Sebastian's Texture Maker.

“The look right now is very effortless both in the texture and finish of styles," Aguon said. "With just a little addition of Texture Maker, you can take an everyday look and give it just that little bit of edge.”

Texture Maker is a lightweight, mineral spray with sea salt crystals that creates a matte finish with medium hold. It can be sprayed on wet or dry hair, then tousled to achieve a messy, beachy texture.


More about First Mondays and Cosmetologists Chicago
Cosmetologists Chicago is a salon professional group in Chicago. CC hosts America's Beauty Show every year, and as a member of CC, you receive free admission to America's Beauty Show. To become a member of Cosmetologists Chicago, click here.

CC provides continuing education opportunities through its First Mondays program on the first Monday of every month, year-round. Experts in styling, cutting, color, skin, make-up, nails and more are brought in from across the country to share their knowledge and heighten the services you're able to provide to your clients. See the First Mondays schedule.

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