HOW-TO: Style Men's Thinning Hair in 5 Steps

Lauren Quick | July 31, 2014 | 10:36 AM

Many men deal with thinning hair, and your job as a stylist is to improve the look and feel for them. Steven McLaughlin, Eufora educator and Eufora HERO for Men team member, has got styling thinning hair down to five simple steps.




STEP 1: Start with a shorter hair length. The shorter the hair, the less thin it looks.


STEP 2: Prep hair with a good control cream or styling glaze (try Eufora HERO for Men Thickening Elixir) to provide control, look and feel thicker. After product, lightly blow dry the hair with or without a brush.


STEP 3: Use a putty gel (a la Eufora HERO for Men Texture Putty) with little to no shine. Too much shine can expose the scalp and leave hair looking thinner than it actually is. Steer clear of using products that are petroleum or mineral-based, as they can suffocate the follicle and lead to further thinning.


STEP 4: Choose the right styling tool. This depends on what style the client is trying to achieve. For a smooth and sleek look, use a flat-shaped brush. When trying to create a specific shape that requires control and direction, a fine or wide-tooth comb is the best option. For a quick and easy style, use your hands for a tousled, messy look, which makes the hair appear thicker.


STEP 5: Take proactive steps to reduce hair loss. Look for quality products that don't contain a lot of follicle-clogging ingredients and ARE formulated to promote hair growth and combat hair loss. Eufora HERO for Men products have a complex blend that works above and below the scalp to nourish, protect and stimulate the hair follicle.


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