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ON FACEBOOK: Hairdressers Share Their Proudest Moments

Anne Moratto | May 9, 2014 | 1:47 PM

  Wella Professionals put together a beautiful bag of beauty booty plus sweets (see below)  and offered it to MODERN as a fun giveaway. (Wella's Hairdresser at Heart initiative is all about celebrating stylists.) We put it up on Facebook and asked to hear about those moments that make hairdressers proud and convince their clients of their magic. The response was tremendous and reminded us, again, that hairdressers touch hair, hearts and change lives:

Valerie Negro Freed: Working throughout chemotherapy. Rocking a bald head. Still making clients feel beautiful.

Karri Noneya: another stylist said "kill yourself" instead I opened my salon

Tia Porter: Having my family support my choice to follow my dream of becoming a hairstylist at the age of fifty after my husband passed away.

Christa Cummings Harney: Complete stranger couldn't afford color, I did it for free! #cancersurvivor #NewClient #payitforward

Melissa Ruiz Ruiz: When I had a guest cry tears of happiness

Amber Siler: Shaving a cancer patients hair and listening to her story.

Tracey Rhodes: When I mastered the Flat top. Two years of practice !

Dawn Longin: Opening my own salon and having a full book on the first day!

Priscilla Sanchez: cutting a client's hair. that is blind ..with love .

Samantha Louise Shenow: Doing my parents hair for the first time, loved it x

Rachel Ponce: Leaving College at 32, to chase my dreams<3

Sheri Larsen: Ballsy black box color to Beautiful bronde ombré thanks to Wella Blondor!

Mary Ross: Having tremors and able to give awesome hair cuts!

Bab May: When I interviewed my first employee and she said yes...

Debbie Burns: Winning a colour creative work recognised. .. proud moment!!!

Michael Nicholas: Stepping up to create a better future for this industry.

Sherry Crissman Holloway: Getting my Wella Master Color Expert certification! #wellalife

Abbie Doobie: Gave single mom client confidence to find love once again!

Teisha Rolfe: I'm school: finishing a cut and having the instructor tell me it's perfect.

Dana Griffo: After 17 years brave enough to start my own business!!!!!!!!!

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