Celebrate The 4th In Style: Let The Barbecue Begin

Maggie Mulhern | July 1, 2014 | 7:39 AM


Nadwa Yono, owner of Nadwa Hair Spa of West Bloomfield, MI, is know for celebrating holidays in a festive way. "They motivate me," she says. "I am always inspired by special occasions."

Yono makes all of her special occasions even more special by creating themed hair hats. In December she displays her Christmas tree and Wreath hats and a heart hat for Valentine's Day. "For October I will be creating a pink ribbon hat for Breast Cancer Awareness Month," she adds.

For Independence Day Yono has created yet another holiday-themed statement piece. Here she offers the HOW TO:

1. Take any normal hat, or evena fedora. Take a block of styrofoam and add to the hat to make it higher.

2. Spray paint the styrofoam to the appropriate base color, in this case white.

3. Pre-color human hair wefts. (Yono uses Pravana using Vivids.)

4. Braid the wefts.

5. Take a glue gun and place the wefts accordingly.Work down to go with gravity.

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