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Thinking of Getting Breast Implants?

Rosanne Ullman | July 14, 2014 | 9:26 AM

Thinking of Getting Breast Implants?If you’ve thought about getting breast implants, do your homework first because you’ll have some decisions to make.

Material. First up is the content—saline or silicone?

“Silicone is the better product,” says Dr. Jason Altman, who has performed thousands of breast implant procedures at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami (PSI). Altmas cites the “Gummy Bear” as the latest gel implant he recommends. He says that saline is used primarily for younger patients and women looking to save money, since saline costs less.

Shape. Next, you’ll be asked to select between round and teardrop as your major shape choices. Dr. Marcelo Ghersi, another PSI plastic surgeon, says that round implants provide more of lifted, “Victoria’s Secret” look with fullness and cleavage, while teardrop-shaped implants tend to look more natural. If you go with a teardrop shape, you can further fine-tune the exact shape to complement your general anatomy. If a bikini is in your post-surgery future, keep in mind that halter tops help support and show round-shaped breasts to their best advantage, while the teardrop shape looks great in a classic top.

Size. Now the all-important question: how big do you want to be? “Smaller implants will always look more natural and stay perkier longer, but you also want to make sure you have enough to make you happy!” Altman says. “The most important thing is not to pick your size based on what your friends have or what you found on the internet, but to have a discussion with your surgeon about your goals and desires and pick a size together based on your wishes and your body dimensions.” If you go very big, you’ll need an underwire-style bikini top. If you’re just a level below that, Altman and Ghersi recommend a tankini sports bra style for optimum coverage.

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