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Anne Moratto | July 3, 2014 | 1:48 PM

Long-established brand JCPenney is undergoing a company-wide transition. Overseeing the shifts to the salon side of the business, jcp salons, are Vice President of the Salon Division Aimee Thomas and Artistic Creative Director Nick Stenson. MODERN asked Thomas to comment on some of the changes taking place under Stenson’s leadership and direction, on the story jcp salons is communicating to consumers and to its associates, and how these points intersect.

MODERN: Nick Stenson’s busy media schedule has included a recent appearance on the TODAY SHOW. (Stenson starred in a segment on prom updos.) How are these opportunities allowing you to share the jcp salon story?

THOMAS: Our stylists' number one request is brand exposure. All of the great opportunities we have had enable us to message our brand, expand awareness and showcase the power of our large stylist community with our vision to be the salon destination of choice.

MODERN: What are the audiences you need to reach and what is the story you want to share?

THOMAS: Our message is for everyone—for clients, for leaders and for stylists across the country. It is a new day at jcp salon, with a new direction and we are on a new mission.

MODERN: You are launching a new magazine, Expert Edge, for your associates. What sort of information will you be including in this publication?

THOMAS: Expert Edge is a custom publication that will allow us to engage with our stylists on an entirely new level. It is designed to be about the stylists and for the stylists. The magazine will include product and technical knowledge, tips and tricks of the trade, trends, fashion, and jcp salon update but most importantly it will highlight and showcase stylists and leaders across the country. This is one component of how we are establishing our community and building a culture of one team.

MODERN: From Nick’s point-of-view, what does a hairdresser need to do to develop and maintain their expert edge?

THOMAS: Education, education, education. All platforms we are building have a cohesive focus on education from expert edge technical training to leading vendor training and now in the minute trend training.

MODERN: The Artistic Team’s presentation at America’s Beauty Show was so well-received. Can you share a bit about what you hoped to accomplish?

THOMAS: We were extremely pleased and proud of the team's presentation at ABS and the response has been amazing! We had three primary objectives; to represent big and bold letting the industry know that jcp salon is here in a new way, to showcase the incredible talent we have on the team and to drive and build awareness of our brand and the power of 900 plus jcp salons across the country that we are the salon destination of choice for all stylists.


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