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RED HOT: Formula and How-To Plus Maintenance

Anne Moratto | May 27, 2014 | 9:35 AM

RED HOT:  Formula and How-To Plus Maintenance

Amanda Billardello from Glitz Salon in Rochester, Michigan helped turn up the heat on her client's haircolor.  And a sleek cut and shiny finish highlights the fiery red Billardello created following the steps below.

"To formulate the bright red I created a few different formulas using [email protected] and [email protected] by elumen," Billardello said. "I tested each on a white sheet of paper until I reached the desired tone I was looking for. I did not measure the color-- it was strictly created by eye. My client now uses the elumen shampoo and conditioner to keep her red vibrant and glossy!"

RED HOT:  Formula and How-To Plus Maintenance


STEP 1.Pre -lighten the hair using silk lift lightener to about a level 8-9

STEP 2.Shampoo the hair with a clarifying shampoo

STEP 3.Glaze from scalp to ends with 9G in colorance (evening out the tones)

STEP 4. Rinse and blow dry completely

STEP 5.Apply elumen scalp to ends and process for 30 minutes

RED HOT:  Formula and How-To Plus Maintenance

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