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HOW TO: From "Help!" to Handsome

Anne Moratto | June 12, 2014 | 2:57 PM

HOW TO: From "Help!" to Handsome

"My client was, like, 'Help!' " says stylist Angel Melissa on Instagram (@AngelMelissas). She did help, by giving him "The Efron Hair," which means some volume on top, masculine and styled without being uber-groomed, and inspired by actor Zac Efron. She also gave him the tools and technique needed to replicate this look at home.

"Styling is the most important part for men's hair," Angel Melissa says. "Most  men want a cut that is like a helmet for their head because they don't know what to do with it. I showed my client what to do to style his hair."

Here is what she did to achieve "The Efron":


  • She did a 90° cut all around, obviously shorter on the sides, and left some length up top.
  • She used shears for the entire cut and carved in texture on the sides and focused on texture through the top.



  • Angel used Men's Department Grooming Cream on wet hair.
  • She used the blow dryer to give it shape,and to activate texture and volume through the top.
  • Then she went back in with the grooming cream on the dry hair for more styling with fingers to give more control.


"I finished with Aloxxi Hair Spray on just the top. The finished product looks groomed a bit lived in and not hard or crunchy."

HOW TO: From "Help!" to Handsome

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