"Manover": Big Makeover On the Male Client

Maggie Mulhern | June 9, 2014 | 7:00 AM

When a male client is looking for a change, he doesn't always know how to express his vision. Joi Rooks, owner of fresche salon of Atlanta, says it is up to the salon professional to offer guidance. When this client came to the salon looking for a new look, fresche salon stylist Tiffany Pateritsas accepted the challenge.

How to make a "manover" a success:

  • Most men want easy, fast and low maintenance styling, so take that into consideration during the consultation.
  • Pre-book men for their next appointment before they leave – they need to have a clear maintenance plan. 
  • Positive feedback from others breeds confidence, take a picture and post on social media so they can share with family and friends and enjoy the positive feedback.


“The above guest came in on his birthday and said 'cut it off'," saysPateritsas. "After determining if he was serious, which is always crucial, we asked if he had any ideas, and he said, 'Just make me look good.'  He is an artist, so we didn't want to give him just a crew cut or something, so we turned to classic men’s haircuts for inspiration.”

“Positive feedback helps male clients maintain their looks," says Patrick McIvor, artistic and TechniCulture director for Goldwell and KMS California. "Take the time to advise staff to compliment them after a service and ‘like’ and ‘tag’ their images on social media to show them they look good and advertise that your salon caters to men as well as women,”  

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