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Stand Out with Signage

Kaitlyn Agnew | July 28, 2014 | 8:02 AM

A business with no sign is a BAD sign. An effective company sign will get you noticed, let your market know who you are and familiarize the area with your presence. Everybody judges books by their cover – for better or worse, this is true with almost everything from wine bottles to people walking down the street so it’s important to design a quality sign that will best represent your company. If you’re just getting started or looking to revamp your look, here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Raised letters: Raised letters are the perfect way to make your message quite literally stand out. Choose from a wide variety of materials ranging from solid metal to plastic, just make sure it’s the best material to enhance your interior or exterior environment.

Stand Out with Signage

Vinyl application: Two-dimensional lettering includes but is not limed to printed vinyl, die-cut vinyl, large and small format-stretch frame banners, wall murals and so on. These materials work great for store fronts, showrooms, vehicles, trade shows, exhibits and P.O.P displays.

Stand Out with Signage

Exterior: Advertising and public awareness are essential to the success of your company, and the right sign is the perfect place to start. Consider illuminated monuments, cast bronze plaques, decorative awnings, simple vinyl graphics or combination of these materials.

Stand Out with Signage

Kwick screen: An ingenious way of managing space, KwickScreen is a screen that’s portable, printable, flexible and retractable, thereby making it totally unique. Available in a fixed or portable model and can be designed in any color, print, design or finish.

Stand Out with Signage

Digital: 2014 trends include Ultra HD, adding voice to digital displays, iPad kiosks, using social media interaction through displays (QR codes) and most of all, focusing on customer interaction. People may be hesitant to make the transition to these new pieces but whether we’re ready or not, these enhancements are here to stay.

Stand Out with Signage

No matter what graphic route you take, it’s important to remember how vital a great sign is. Your sign will never take a day off: 24/7, 365, your signage is working to market your brand.

Kaitlyn Agnew (Fergus) is the Marketing/Social Media Director at  Katherine Frank Creative in Lombard, IL. (630) 620-7720

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